We are the crew of the Starship Primordia. A collective of renegade creatives, Crypto natives, and bounty hunters. Our mission: To travel the stars and craft digital-to-physical experiences that defy convention, blur our reality, and redefine the limits of possibility. Join us on this exciting journey to the new frontier of creative technology.


The Crew

0xhashbrown Head of Community & Growth
captaincrunch Sr. JS Developer / UX & UI Designer
delightfulabyss JS and Solidity Developer

The Prime Directives

  1. Fearless Innovation: We dare to push the boundaries, challenge the status quo, and the unapologetic embrace of the unexplored and the unimagined.
  2. Authenticity: We take pride in our individuality, fostering an environment that encourages self-expression and growth.
  3. Collaboration: We believe that we are stronger together, that diversity of ideas and experiences will only benefit outcomes.
  4. Social Impact: We harness the power of Web3 to create meaningful change, striving to build a more equitable and inclusive digital world.
  5. Mutualism: We envision a world where all basic needs are met by the community, allowing us to be our truest selves and do our best work.
  6. Plurality: Diversity in options benefits everyone.
FOOD NOUN ELECTIONS.WTF ==----------------------->>>
Proposal UX / UI Design Development
AMBIRE DAO ==----------------------->>>
CABIN DAO ==----------------------->>>
UX / UI Design Development